E'Naresh Kot w Butach *PL
Born 25.08.14
Naruto Jastrzębiec *PL
Bayamira Kot w Butach*PL 

'"Ernie" came to the UK May 15 from Poland, he was my first experience of importing cats from Europe. 
Ernie is a Red and White classie Tabby, his temperment is second to none an absolute gent in all aspects of the word.
He's a credit to his breeder Bożena Korczyńska.
I would like to thank Bożena for entrusting me with E'naresh 
Lanselot Apogeya*BY
Born 17.04.15
El Principe On Wi Lemuel * SK
PL * Amibial Happy
"Kremlin" - Lanselot came to the UK end of September 15 from Belarus.
Kremlin was bred by Natalia Autushka. Once again another delightful well mannered lad who walked into my home as if he had lived there all his life. Full of confidence with a happy go lucky out look on life, an absolute sweetheart and treasure to own.
Kremlin is a Brown & White classic Tabby. He is HCM n/n 
Again i can't thank Natalia enough for allowing this boy to travel all the way to the UK and become a member of my family.